Fearfully & Wonderfully Made…to Give Birth


     The Bible says we are fearfully & wonderfully made: Psalm 139:14 (or at least it says King David believed he was). So, what does that mean?

     I believe it means God was very carefull when He designed the human body to ensure that everything functions properly in the most amazing, and beautiful way! ………..So, what does all this have to do with being a “radical mamma“?

     Well, He made our bodies to function correctly! That means, as women, our bodies are made to give birth! ……Then why do so many women have trouble giving birth?


     One reason is that we don’t realize the ability that we possess. “Childbirth Without Fear” by Grantly Dick-Read describes the science behind what happens when we are afraid, and basically proves fear physically hinders us during childbirth causing pain; which in turn causes our fear (of the next contraction) to increase and can even stall labor(a.k.a. “the fear-tension-pain syndrome of childbirth”-Dr. Read ).

      So, we’ll say reason #1 is fear leading to pain and unnecessary medical intervention (which includes inducing labor because we don’t trust our body will do it on its own; remember, our body was made to function correctly!) One intervention often leads to another which causes more problems and can lead to a unnecessary c-section.


     Another reason could be that something interfered with our body’s ability to form or otherwise function the amazing way God designed it to. That means somewhere along the way, someone believed a lie; it could have been us, our parents, or even our entire (western) culture   😉     😉    ……. But how can a lie keep our body from thriving/forming correctly?

     What if the lie was about how we should nourish our body? I mean think about it: If we put the wrong fuel in, how can we grow and function at our highest potential, right?


     Here’s the evidence: Weston A. Price went around the world to study the last “primitives” to ever exist. He found entire villages of people in perfect health, with perfectly straight teeth, and the women with very rounded (childbearin 😉 ) hips!

     He also found people living on the other side of one of the islands he visited in very poor health. These islanders were from the same genetic background as the healthy people. So, why where they not flourishing like the others? The only difference was they started eating a modern diet instead of a nourishing traditional diet (<seriously, watch that video! It’ll change your life!>) that humans have been eating for thousands of years…. See, God ment for us to flourish!


     Our bodies are so amazing that even if we did not get the proper nourishment our body needed from conception on, it is often still capable of giving birth all on its own (My daughter & I are living proof of that 🙂 but, I’ll have to get into that story on another post)….

     Anyway, I’m not saying that everyone should have a unassisted home birth; even though God originally designed our bodies to be able to (or else, who attended the births of Adam and Eve’s children?) That being said, I believe each woman has to decide how she feels most comfortable giving birth and, worship God by doing the best she can with where she is (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)Luke 10:27 .

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